Ulnar Neuropathy/Nerve Compression

Understanding Ulnar Neuropathy and Nerve Compression Syndromes

Symptoms will vary depending on what nerve is being compressed or irritated. Ulnar neuropathy usually causes numbness and tingling in one hand on the pinky and ring finger side. Compression of other nerves will cause symptoms in other locations such as the thumb and index side of your hand for median nerve compression or the back and outside of your leg and into your foot in sciatic nerve compression.

Signs and symptoms

Idiopathic neuropathy can be a frustrating and difficult condition due to the unknown nature of the condition. Sometimes the symptoms progress over time and sometimes they remain steady.


Ulnar neuropathy and other nerve compression syndromes are often caused by overuse and repetitive motion injuries. Desk work, phone use, carrying heavy items, manual labor and postural habit can all be contributors to these conditions. Movement dysfunction and muscle imbalance can also cause nerve compression to occur. Swelling and inflammation in the tissues surrounding a nerve can also be a source of irritation. Common conditions that are caused by nerve compression or irritation include


Standard treatments can include over-the-counter and prescription pain medications, physical therapy and surgical procedures.

At Balanced Flow, we offer non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical treatments. Our FDA-approved therapies to help reduce or eliminate your symptoms. In addition to addressing the symptoms of your condition, it is important to correct the root cause of your issue to give you long-term results. We will thoroughly assess your your physical posture and function to see how it contributes to your condition to offer you a complete personalized treatment plan that may include

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