Neuropathy In Feet

Neuropathy in the feet is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes. It refers to pain caused by the nerves in the lower extremities. Patients report a tingling sensation, burning pain, an abnormal touch or warmth in the affected area.

Our treatment for neuropathy in the feet is designed to treat the underlying cause of neuropathy and related symptoms.

Causes of Neuropathy in Feet

Neuropathy in the feet can be caused by many factors, but it is mostly caused by Diabetes. The reason behind this neuropathy is high blood glucose (glucose) level, which damages small nerve fibers that bring feeling to the skin, parts of the digestive tract, bladder, and other organs. Diabetes can cause neuropathy by damaging the smallest nerves in your body, resulting in a sensation of tingling, numbness, and pain in the feet.

Other causes of peripheral neuropathy include injury, medication, obesity, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, aging, infection, and chronic inflammation. When left untreated, peripheral neuropathy can develop into further complications, such as Charcot’s foot. Taking care of mild to moderate neuropathy in the feet can help prevent further complications like leg and foot amputations.

Patients are advised to consult with their podiatrist as early as possible to prevent further complications. If you feel any tingling or numbness in your feet,

schedule an early appointment with our certified physicians today to diagnose and treat your symptoms.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment- Conservative Option

Conservative treatments can help reverse or slow the progression of neuropathy in feet and, in most cases allowing for a complete recovery with the right program focusing on getting to the root cause of the problem.

The Conservative approach to treating peripheral neuropathy does not only focus on eliminating the symptoms you are suffering from but heals, repairs, and regenerates your nerves through a multi-dimensional approach.

Our approach aims to restore patients to health and improve their quality of life. The cause of the neuropathy is diagnosed and treatment is directed to provide relief. In instances where the cause of neuropathy is not known, the symptoms are treated until the patient becomes pain-free.

At the early stages of peripheral neuropathy, we usually recommend conservative measures for pain relief. These measures include physical therapy, acupuncture, casting, massage, changes in diet.

Why wait till your neuropathy gets severe when you can get a painless treatment? We usually advise that you talk to our specialists as early as possible.

Peripheral Neuropathy Surgery

In a severe case of foot neuropathy caused by entrapment of nerve or pressure on nerves from tumors, the patient might need surgery to reduce the pressure. Neuropathy in the foot causes difficulty in carrying out daily activities like walking, driving, etc. When all other treatments fail then it’s better to go for foot neuropathy surgery. Peripheral Neuropathy surgery can relieve pain caused by damaged nerves.


The need for surgery is determined primarily through a nerve conduction test or physical exam. Today it’s possible to restore a person’s activity level by repairing damaged or diseased neural structures.

The procedure involves decompressing surrounding pressure which ultimately results in improved sensation and less pain. Peripheral Neuropathy surgery has been reported to have a 90% pain relief rate and 70% sensation restoration rate.


The Balanced Flow Neuropathy team members are experts at treating your foot neuropathy whether with conservative treatment or surgery.

The next step is to schedule a consultation with our team and develop the Neuropathy Treatment Plan that’s right for you. Call us today.


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