Ulnar Neuropathy

Ulnar neuropathy, also called cubital tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the ulnar nerve is compressed or pinched as it passes behind your elbow, thereby reducing the blood supply to the nerve. The ulnar nerve runs from the neck and travels through the shoulder down the arm and into the wrist and fingers. It is a part of the brachial plexus and one of the major nerves that supply the arm. It’s the nerve that supplies sensation to the medial (ulnar) side of the hand, parts of the fingers as well as the thumb. The ulnar nerve runs in such a manner that it is relatively exposed to direct injury or compression (though rarely). People with Ulnar neuropathy describe numbness and tingling sensation along the back and side of the hand and in the muscles of the ring and little fingers. Generally, patients feel a weakening of motor function in the hand.

This condition can be painful, especially when you move your hand or arm in certain ways or engage in certain activities. Any of the following activities have been known to aggravate the symptoms of ulnar neuropathy:

  • Sticking out your elbow into the front windscreen of a car
  • Carrying heavy items for long periods
  • Striking the point of your elbow against the side of a desk or other sharp edge
  • Resting your head on your hand
  • Crossing your arms
  • Answering the telephone.

Causes of Ulnar Neuropathy

When you begin to feel the symptoms of Ulnar neuropathy, it means your ulnar nerve, which runs from your brain to your elbow, has become pinched.

Ulnar nerve neuropathy is commonly found to be caused by the pressure on the ulnar nerve in your elbow, which causes it to compress. The compression may however be a result of a buildup of fluid in the elbow, injury to the inside of the elbow, swelling, arthritis in the elbow, and others.

Ulnar Neuropathy Treatment- A Conservative option

If you experience symptoms of ulnar neuropathy, early detection and treatment are vital to prevent permanent damage to your hand, arm, and fingers. Our doctors use a unique treatment designed to help relieve the associated pain as well as promote healing in the affected area. Conservative treatment and management have proven to be effective for relieving pain and stop the progression of ulnar neuropathy.

At Balanced Flow, we use a technically innovative medical device to direct therapeutic energy waves into the affected anatomical region. This device is non-invasive, safe, and can get rid of pain in a short time. Another conservative option is physical therapy, which includes joint mobilization and neural glides to help the nerve slide correctly through the arm.

We usually advise that patients begin conservative treatment as early as possible to prevent the need for surgery.

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