Holistic Neuropathy Treatment

Holistic Neuropathy Treatment

Now You Can Finally Get Relief From Painful Nerves.

Our Holistic Approach aims to improve the quality of your life remarkably. The Neuropathy treatment system at Balanced Flow is a holistic, non-invasive device that promotes natural healing by stimulating biochemical reactions in the body. It’s a treatment option for diabetics with nerve pain; and also for people who have MS, ALS, fibromyalgia, and other peripheral neuropathies. We address symptoms of neuropathy (in feet, hands, fingers, or genitalia) that drugs and other treatments don’t always help.

Testing for Neuropathy

By sending low-frequency energy through the specific anatomical regions, it can serve as a whole-body rejuvenation device to drive pain away. It is designed to improve blood circulation and boost energy production while relaxing the body and mind. Treatment is painless, non-invasive, and does not use any medication. Our goal is to lower the risk of having to use prescription medications (which can cause additional side effects).

Our physicians focus on your holistic health, providing pain relief, treatment of autonomic symptoms, GIT Medicine, physical therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine (to improve gait, coordination, improve strength, and balance).

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Patients undergo blood testing for causes of acquired neuropathies, and where indicated, DNA testing for hereditary neuropathies. Tests for acquired neuropathies include those for autoimmune, infectious, metabolic, nutritional, toxic, and paraneoplastic causes. If no cause can be found, and the neuropathy is progressive, then a nerve and muscle biopsy is done, which occasionally reveals the presence of an occult cause such as non-systemic vasculitis, atypical CIDP, amyloidosis, or sarcoid that may be not be detected by the less invasive tests.

Diagnosis & Treatment

A diagnosis is made based on the history, clinical examination, electrodiagnostic or skin biopsy studies, blood tests, and nerve biopsy (if applicable). Therapy is individualized for each patient, and is directed at both the underlying cause and the symptoms. In addition to treatments provided by physicians at the center, we work in close collaboration with colleagues at the Pain Center to provide pain relief, Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical therapy to improve strength, gait, and coordination, and in Cardiology, Gastrointestinal Medicine, and Urology for treatment of the autonomic symptoms.

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