New Neuropathy Treatment


Balanced Flow offers patients comprehensive evaluation and treatment. We use new neuropathy testing and treatment technique to improve the clinical diagnosis of patients with peripheral neuropathy.

Our New Neuropathy treatment approach is based on;

  • Neuropathy consultation & evaluation plus nerve conduction testing
  • History and physical exam
  • Advanced ultrasound technology
  • Early and accurate diagnosis, leading to improved prognosis and positive impact on patient’s quality of life


Now You Can Finally Get Relief From Painful Nerves.

Our Holistic Approach aims to improve the quality of your life remarkably. The Neuropathy treatment system at Balanced Flow is a holistic, non-invasive device that promotes natural healing by stimulating biochemical reactions in the body. It’s a treatment option for diabetics with nerve pain; and also for people who have MS, ALS, fibromyalgia, and other peripheral neuropathies. We address symptoms of neuropathy (in feet, hands, fingers, or genitalia) that drugs and other treatments don’t always help.


Our natural treatment technique seeks to eradicate the need for medications.

We use natural treatments to assist your body in reversing neuropathy (nerve damage) to stop pain and numbness in your fingers, feet, hands, or toes.

In addition to our new Neuropathy treatment, we help you to get into a healthy lifestyle, healthy feeding, and exercise programs. Our neuropathy specialists will give you activity recommendations on how to improve your quality of life.

Talk to our physician to begin your journey to a life free of pain.

Neuropathy Testing

Do you get numbness, tingling, burning, or aching in your feet? Neuropathy is most often caused by diabetes, and it can cause pain in the big toe, the heels, and even the arms. When you begin to feel these symptoms, it’s best to get neuropathy testing done. Neuropathy testing refers to a series of tests that may be used to determine whether you have nerve damage and what type of nerve damage you have. Depending on the results, the tests may help determine the cause of your neuropathy.

During neuropathy testing, the first thing we do is review your medical history, feeding habits, lifestyle, and medication. We then proceed to conduct a neurological evaluation to check your muscle strength, tendon reflexes, coordination. The test determines the presence of a small or large fiber neuropathy, its severity, and distribution.

It is important to perform appropriate diagnostic testing for acquired neuropathies because patients with unsuspected autoimmune disorders may require treatment with immunosuppressive drugs, which can have serious long-term side effects. Genetic testing for hereditary neuropathies is indicated in cases with a family history of hereditary neuropathy or in patients who have not responded to treatment for other causes.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis is based on further assessment of the medical history, clinical examination, blood tests, skin biopsy studies, or electrodiagnostic conducted on the patient.  For treatment, we focus on the underlying cause and symptoms the patient manifest.  Our team offers a revolutionary new approach to treating neuropathy through our neuropathy treatment device to treat circulatory issues, pain, including chronic, acute, long-term, and drug-resistant pain. Our device offers parameter signaling for muscle strengthening, relaxation of muscle spasms, and neuromuscular reeducation.

Providing the Best Available Care for Patients with Neuropathy

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